Take a look at the slides for corporate presentations, digital ads and social media designs

Sponsored ad design  I  Client: Stepsgreen

Design for ads, posts, email marketing and presentation  I  Client: Pátio de Compras

Social media posts design  I  Client: Canto de Minas

Social media posts design   I  Client: Vila Mobília 

Design for link ads  (sponsored ads)  I  Client: Malooh Store

Graphic ad designs (Display Google Network)


Ad design and size variations  I  Client: Rodobens

Design for link ads  (sponsored ads)   I  Client: Natura

Design for business presentation I  Client: Vital Ajuda

Email marketing design

Client: GolLog

creativity that highlights on the screen

Sponsored ad design  I  Client: Consorciei

Design for business presentation I  Clients: Raccoon Digital Marketing

Animated ad (gif), background for Youtube channel and posts design  I  Client: Simon Vergan

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